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If you are considering buying a rowing machine, it is best to look for rowing machine review as a rowing machine is a hefty investment and comparison-shopping is needed. Besides that, there is the rowing machine mat and all require shipping costs. As rowing machine is heavy, about 70 pounds, the shipping cost is usually high so get it right the first time. Just a search on Google and you will find many rowing machine reviews online.

Consumers Reports Is As Valuable As Rowing Machine Reviews?

Consumers Reports is the foremost magazine when it comes to comparison-shopping but the review is only for a few products each year. Fitness equipment is just like car that a yearly review is done and getting back issues from their website can be done but by then, the fitness products might be outdated and not in production.

Their website, normally do not do rowing machine reviews but other on exercise bikes and treadmills are carry out. On the other hand, you can check out the forum and check up and ask about on rowing machine reviews but you are unlikely to get any reply.

Other Sites On Rowing Machine Reviews

Instead of looking at the consumer reports, it is best to look at rowing machine reviews through customer comparison websites, for instant,, and From these websites, you can get unbiased and the best rowing machine reviews anywhere around the globe. Since it is average guys who have exercise with the rowing machine before writing the comments, it takes a little bit getting use to.

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Be aware of any rowing machine reviews where they have different agenda, as they will not provide trustworthy reviews. Check out the positive reviews but if the brand of rowing machine does not get any, it doesn't mean it is bad as no review or complaint is good news. Also it might be too new yet to get any sort of reviews.

There are some rowing machine review sites that have separate column for used and new fitness equipments and if you are on a tight budget check up those columns. A rowing machine requires getting used to, so practices are necessary. Just like any other fitness program, seek the advice of your physician.

Rowing machine reviews are useful to provide all sorts of comments and complaints so that before you make a substantial financial commitment, you will have check out all the pros and cons before parting with your cash for that ideal rowing machine that suit you.

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